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Scholastic Reading Counts

  Coyote Springs Elementary participates in the Scholastic Reading Counts reading program. This program provides quizzes on thousands of books your child can choose to read. Quizzes help you and teachers know how well a child comprehends what they are reading. Adjustments can be made to find books at a child's reading level to eliminate frustration and build good reading skills.
Your child will be taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test to determine his/her reading level. The SRI assigns a Lexile score.  Students choose books based on their Lexile and according to their teacher's recommendation.  Typically students are encouraged to find books as much as 100 points below their Lexile level and up to 50 points higher than their Lexile.  Reading books on level helps students to develop their fluency and comprehension skills.
Your child may refer to their color when they discuss their reading level.  Books in the school library are color-coded by Lexile if a Scholastic Reading Counts quiz is available.  The color-coding is as follows:
0 - 399  Green 400-499  Orange500 - 599  Purple600 - 699  Yellow700 - 799  Dark Blue800 - 899  Light Blue900 +  Red
You may check to see if a public library book or a book from your personal collection has a Reading Counts quiz by visiting the Scholastic Book Wizard website can search for books by title, author, keyword or reading level.  Books with quizzes will have "Scholastic Reading Counts!" listed under "Reading Motivation Program."
You can find out more information about Lexiles and search for the Lexile of books by visiting